Welcome to StreakFreaks.com- a website dedicated to the players of ESPN’s Streak for the Cash fantasy game.  This website launched February 15th, 2010, so it is very new and we would like your input on the type of resources that help you the most.  Our main goals are the following:

  • To promote the fun, competitive nature of ESPN’s Streak for the Cash game.
  • To help players, both beginning and ‘expert’, as an informational and strategic resource with their picks.
  • To have fun

Who are the StreakFreaks? Well we are a group of guys who are so competitive with our picks that we spend hours every day doing “research” (AKA watching and reading everything about sports).  We feel that this research can benefit others so we are going to be putting up the information and research we get for others to benefit as well.  Click here to read more about the guys behind StreakFreaks.com

How can I use StreakFreaks? At StreakFreaks, we understand that there are different types of players-from beginners and casual to expert and hardcore.  Some people have the time to spend hours researching their picks while others have to squeeze in a pick with their busy schedule.  We invite you to use our website to the best of your advantage.  A couple of tips on how you can use StreakFreaks.com:

  • Are you short on time and need to figure out your picks? You can check out our “StreakFreaks Daily Update”, where we include all of our picks and break them down into specific timeslots for those who are going for the monthly award winner.   We also give an overview for the entire day and give some insight to the leaderboard situation.
  • Are you a StreakFreak? Check out the more detailed information on each individual pick found on the front page.  We invite you to comment on our picks and participate.  If you know of some additional information or insight that we haven’t mentioned, feel free to leave a comment.  If we think it’s important, we will add it to our analysis and credit you.  We plan to keep track of contributions and reward those who give the most help.

Are you trying to tell us what to pick? At StreakFreaks, our main goal is to be a central location for information, research, and insight into each pick.  With that, we feel that we can help some people out by letting everyone know our picks.  As we all know, some picks are total and complete guesses, while others we try and pretend are ‘locks’ (which in all honesty is still a complete guess).  We will let you know how we feel on each of our picks using a rating system.  Here is a guide to our 5-star rating system:

* * * * * (5 stars): Total lock.  A sure thing. No way we are wrong. Oh wait…upsets happen?

* * * * (4 stars): Pretty confident. You can risk a pretty big streak at your own risk.

* * * (3 stars): We kinda sorta have a good feeling.  We like the pick but can see it going the other way.

* * (2 stars): Meh, something tells us we like this pick but we really don’t.

* (1 star): Coin flip. Wouldn’t touch this with a 10 foot pole. Your grandma’s guess is as good as ours.

So take a look at the website, check it out, comment on the picks, let us know if we suck or if we help, and we will try our best to help everyone out.  Remember, we’re doing this for fun…so don’t be too harsh (yea right…)