StreakFreak Daily 6/15/2010

Finally we get some more picks today! After a slow day, we are given 8 picks today in what should be 4 timeslots (as long as the 7pm mlb games last under 3 hours).

If anyone wants to help out, we really need some more writers.  Send an email to

Good luck!

This site was originally intended to encourage feedback and help from the community.  Please let us know if you have any information, insights, or stats on a specific pick! If you have any suggestions, email

Also, please remember to share this website with other people who play Streak for the Cash.

What are you going to pick today?

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  • Brazil is having a hard time handling the North way it finishes in a draw? Right? Riiiiiight?

  • imfreakingout

    You would think Brazil would win this by two.... looking good right now. Second half play by Brazil is much much better lol

  • imfreakingout

    Spoke too soon... what is wrong with these teams

  • Comments that use our names will be deleted from now on. Show some class, guys.

  • Streakexperts

    @ stig yes sir it does, your site encouraged me to try to make my own.

  • Cool. Good luck trying to keep up with it. Wish you would use a different format instead of copying our format exactly. Oh well.

  • streakexperts

    okay guess u dont need me on your team....... kk fine with me

  • I sent you an email.

  • Streakexperts

    emailed back

  • Question: Does anyone play the streak survivor game that shows up on the ads? Curious to know anyones feedback on it.

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