StreakFreaks Daily: 3/2/2010

After a 4-4 start to the month yesterday, we look to improve today with 12 total picks.

StreakFreaks is implementing a new system for picking games as every StreakFreak will now have the option of sharing their pick. This will benefit you as you will now see multiple opinions for each pick.  Check out our picks below and let us know who you agree with.

Note: the picks next to each link is the opinion of the author, click on the link to see more information and opinions.

Let us know how you did.  Also, please remember to share this website with other people who play Streak for the Cash.  We have big plans ahead of us and want to make this website the most helpful it can be.

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  • Help!!!

    hi all I love the streak but recently I got on the site and it just turned to a green blank screen and I can't see any of the picks. Has this happened to anyone else? If so can someone help me fix my comp so that I can play Streak again

  • Bdb

    Clutch is dead and so is intelligent streakers.

  • John

    Taking sharks to get to 5-1. Should be 5-0 but stupid Deron Williams.

  • jk1989

    im going for nova, marquette,

  • fuquol

    After reviewing some betting lines.. it looks like Baylor or UNC maybe a slight better pick than the Villanova pick... problem is, if you play the UNC or Baylor.. you may not get to see any of the late action.... Thinking about sticking with Nova and making the late games a greed time decision... er... I mean game time.

  • duncan04

    After dropping my first pick on 3 or more goals, going to try and rebound with Nova and San Jose tonight.

  • fuquol

    well I went against all I was preaching... went ahead and picked the first soccer prop.. teams were just so evenly matched and jockeying for position within the league... had a gut feeling it would take awhile while they felt each other out... Im glad it didnt end to end too early, cuz I also had a gut feeling about the 3 or more in the brasil ireland match... so far thats not shaping up... but Ill take it.. W4 goin into what I see as the lock of the day in Villanova... eyeing that san jose hockey later.... well see how greedy I get If i can get to five with villanova.

  • jackgraff

    It goes without saying my day was interesting. Won the first soccer prop, then was awarded two wins and tons of SFC comment board fun. Got the screen shot of the first SF to make the board...thanks. All that was a lot of fun. Then I thought I took the Avalanche, but somehow "unpicked" it on my iPhone...thankfully. So 1 - 0. Today I am staying away from the total toss up soccer props. First pick will be Villanova, then most likely Marquette. Taking a road team in College basketball this year has been very risky, but Villanova is so much better than Cincy. I live in Louisville and simply don't see The Cards beating a good Marquette team in Milwaukee. Plus The Warriors have won three straight road games and are coming home to vie for Big East seeding.

  • fuquol

    Not a bad start to the month... went with the flow in the first soccer prop (both freaks and sftc pick) for win 1... went against the freaks and the trends by picking WV for w2... just the fact that GT's leading scorer, 3 point threat and a good defensive player was out was enough to sway my decision... then went against the sftc percentages and with the freaks on Kaman, paid off for w3. I should play it safe like I said I was going to do and just pick my wins that I see as locks.. But this game is like crack.. keeps me coming back when I know I should leave that crack alone.... well see what happens, I'll be breaking the games down in a bit and finding my locks and toss ups....

  • Fuquol, as a Georgia Tech fan, I must ask you to not refer to Georgetown as 'GT'. That's just wrong, man.


  • fuquol

    Ha... i usually put a small 'wn' after the 'T', looks like I left it off.. I mean no insult, but can see where that is a real dirty low down despicable thing to do... and I do apologize my ACC bretheren (FSU) for such an egregious ommision.

    also realised I never posted my picks for the day.. a bit late but here we go...

    32nd or later.. * = its a coin flip, even matched teams, even records and standings.. think they will feel each other out for awhile so I dont see an early goal although Im feeling like I shouldve stayed away.. I went for it.. and got the green... my notes here have a big STAY AWAY written next to it.. im glad I dont even listen to myself sometimes.

    3 goals or more.. ** = just got a gut feeling here, there isnt many stats I can pull that show this should be the case, in fact stats say go low.... but like I said, I got the gut ( so far Im glad I couldnt play this one.. cause my gut is wrong to this point so far as of posting)

    Florida.. * = another coin flip.. Florida is favored, gators are at home and have a history of having Vandys number.. problem is.. Vandy is the better team.. my personal feeling once again.. STAY AWAY

    Villanova.. **** = this is my lock of the day, if there was only one game I would play this is it.. I hate goin road teams in CB but they are just that much better in my opinion

    Philly.. I defer to t-bones breakdown here as I am terrible at Hockey percentage wise.

    UNC.. ** = playing a horrible Miami Road team, while that are decent at home and looking to snap a rash of real crappy play

    Baylor.. *** = still hate road teams but, we got a decent road team in Baylor.. texas tech has been beaten badly vs all the decnt teams they have played and baylor is looking for there best ever conference finish with a win here tonight and saturday.

    I got all the other picks noted here, but wont get around to putting them up till after work.. need to get back to the grindstone... check ya later.

  • rob42073

    okay after looking at all the match-ups here are my picks for the day:

    31st minute or earlier*** ( SFTC PICK ) - last minute pick
    3 goals or more*
    Villanova**** ( SFTC PICK )
    North Carolina**
    Ohio St. / double digit win*
    Marquette* ( SFTC PICK ) - changed my mine on this one.
    New Jersey**** " original sftc pick"
    204 points or less**

  • rob42073

    Well a very productive day to start this month 6-2, however I started the day 0-2 ( both being SFTC picks ), I did end the day on a winning note ( Kamen pts+rb ) let's see if I can build on my W1 tomorrow... I'm taking Villanova on the SFTC, followed by New Jersey Devils.. I will have the rest of the days picks tomorrow morning

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