StreakFreaks Daily 6/14/2010

A slow day today, with only 4 picks available.  Tonto will be doing the World Cup picks very early in the morning (after a good start, Stig has hit rock bottom making World Cup picks).

If anyone wants to help out, we really need some more writers.  Send an email to

Good luck!

This site was originally intended to encourage feedback and help from the community.  Please let us know if you have any information, insights, or stats on a specific pick! If you have any suggestions, email

Also, please remember to share this website with other people who play Streak for the Cash.

What are you going to pick today?

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  • Glad I didn't come here before all the games were played. Rough day...

  • Tbone

    i literally will come on here tomorrow, look at what the streakfreak gurus pick and then il do the opposite! be strategy. Big Fat 0-3 today and possibly 0-4......
    Good analysis guys

  • Again, nobody has to pick what we are picking.

    Please guys, show us a website that puts information for each pick and tries to help everyone and I shut the website down and forward the link to the new website. We are right about 50 percent, as your strategy would work just as well as picking all of our picks.

  • Nolafiya

    it takes a real loser to write comments acting as if they are a streakfreak..come on peeps keep it real..

  • Robo

    In my opinion, Wainwright will throw a strikeout in the first inning. He averages almost 9 strikeouts/9 innings. Gutierrez (Seattle Batter #3) is top 5 in the AL for most strikeouts, and Figgins (Seattle Batter #2) is prone to strikeouts as well. Wainwright currently has the fourth most strikeouts in the NL.

  • Thanks for the stats. I put some stats up on the pick. It's a close call but one has to side with strike outs.

    I looked everywhere for a breakdown of Wainwrights stats by inning, and the closest I could find was by pitch count.

    I think no matter how you slice it, the odds of a K happening in a given inning in this scenario is greater than a K not happening.

  • Nola

    maybe we can finally get all the picks in today before they start today if the work load isnt to much for the amazing streakfreaks seeing that there is only 4 games

    a monkey could run this website better

  • Please stop using our names when making flaming posts.

    We have lives and do this for fun. We all have had busy weekends. Feel free to help out.

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