StreakFreaks Daily 6/8/2010

June continues today with 11 picks in 4 timeslots

If anyone wants to help out, we really need some more writers.  Send an email to

Also, we apologize for not updating as often as we have in the past.  Some of us had VERY busy weekends.  Please remember that we do this for free and it’s just something we enjoy doing.  This site was originally intended to encourage feedback and help from the community, but since there is no participation we have to do everything ourselves.  Feel free to insult our picks and call us out, but it would benefit everyone if people share their picks, information, and insight in the comments instead.

Good luck!

Let us know how you did.  Also, please remember to share this website with other people who play Streak for the Cash.

Are you going for the monthly or the streak

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  • Nutty Express

    Great site, I appreciate your efforts to provide stats, data, etc... As far as your picks are concerned, they are all a coin flip, there usually are no "gimmes", that is why it is called gambling!!!!!

  • Exactly what we have realized. Even on games that seem more or less straightforward it is a crapshoot.

    That, and I think the streakmaster has a good feel for what will be surprises.

  • Ayu Bor

    you guys are getting some major heat lately

  • Pen15

    even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while

  • Thanks for your input. Very helpful.

  • Lou

    good call on the 4pm soccer match

  • Oh please. We do not have to defend our soccer record at all.

    It was a 1 star pick showing anything could happen. How about France losing to China or Spain only beating Korea by 1 goal. Anything can happen in friendlies and Spain decided to show up.

  • Lou

    chill brochacho. I didn't mean to hit a nerve

  • JoeBlow

    hahahahahaha u guys r funny!

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