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Streak or Monthly?

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1:08 am
March 30, 2010



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With a new month approaching, I wanted to ask everyone out there if people go for the 100,000 prize for longest streak for the month or the 2,500 for most greens for the month.

How close have you been so far? Do you play for the money or just for fun?

5:17 pm
March 30, 2010



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Post edited 9:43 pm – March 30, 2010 by Schneps

I try to go for the longest streak of the month which seems to be the best way to go. But I am surprised how people can get 80-90 wins in just one month. Of course playing for the money is the whole purpose of SFTC but its both fun and challenging at the same time.

9:13 am
March 31, 2010


New Member

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I started out March trying for the monthly prize… and within a week was 10 games behind the leader, and fading fast.  That is a LOT of work for $2500!  So this month I'm going to try for the streak.  I wish I could do both.  Embarassed

3:08 am
April 4, 2010



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I know what you mean, Ditka.  I just don't have the time to keep up with the monthly.  Sadly, once I get done putting up picks for the site, I am streaked-out.

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