Are YOU a StreakFreak?

We launched earlier this week with a simple idea: help the players of Streak for the Cash make educated picks.  Right now there are 3 guys working on the website and it takes about 3 hours time for each of us.  In order for us to turn this website into what we want it to be, we need your help.

How we can use your help:

Do you have a blog or website about Streak for the Cash?  Do you spend tons of time doing research and feel like you can add some stuff?  Let us know and we can let you help us write our stories and let you be a StreakFreak.

Do you know of any other blogs or resources you use? Send them to us as we are building up a link database to help others get information they need.

Have any other ideas that would be helpful? We are already planning on adding tons of features to the website, and we’re interested in hearing how we can help.

We are not here to be better at picking games than anyone else, or step on anyone’s toes.  We are here to be the MAIN resource for Streak for the Cash players.  All the Info, All the Picks.

Let us know how we can make the website better and how YOU can help.  E-mail me at or leave a comment below.

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  • mikeoles

    Stig check your espn message center

  • mikeoles

    I could help I heave been playing since the start of round 3 and research all my picks anyway. Tell me if you need me

  • Mike, I have tried to contact you a few different ways with no response. You are the one who does the tournament right?

    Email me at

  • rob42073

    if possible, maybe add some betting lines ( ) for each pick, this way I don't have to go back and forth to research my pick, I can stay right here.. since I found this site ( thursday Feb 18, 2010 ) my record in SFTC has been respectable ( 10-4. including win streaks of 3 and most recently 5 )

    Thank You,

  • joemac63z

    I would request that you add the estimated time each event may take as well as different selections to make each day which will maximize the most picks.

  • John

    I've been reading this site for about a year. They usually have some really good stuff:

    It's worth a look, and I definitely think you should link to it.

  • charles

    hey guys love the website! i think it would be great if you guys could keep track of how your picks go? I would love to see how good you guys really are (im sure you are) but regardless, id love to see it

  • ron

    sum good sites for research are i spend hours on hours doing research

  • T-bone

    I do not have a any blogs or discussion boards but I do extensive research on every pick I make and spend several hours a day doing this. Just dome facts and not to brag: I accumulated a 16 streak in december (for a SFTC shirt), and a 13 streak in january, I ensure my picks are well-thought out and I would like to be a StreakFreak :)
    thank you, Tyler Smith

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