NEW website will be launched shortly

Fellow StreakFreaks,

We apologize for the current break in picks.  Currently the StreakFreak team is focusing all of their efforts on a brand new, state of the art site.

The new site is about 75% done and should be completed this weekend.  Once completed, we invite other fellow StreakFreaks to participate in the new website by giving YOU the power to blog about anything sports related.

If you are interested in being a Beta tester and shaping how you want the new website to shape up, contact

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  • Streakpicker

    If anyone wants picks NOW, come to my website

  • Rformula1guy
  • is back online!!!

  • will be up in the next week

  • Imfreakingout

    whats the news on the new site ?

  • Go to its back online

  • Blakkblood2007

    how long do it take you all to build this new site? 20yrs?
    its been 3-4 months since i first read about a new site being launched shortly

  • clemdaleray
  • Cvvxv can repair your iPhone 4.

  • Justin_Site_Owner is the place to go I'm telling you guys.

  • clemdaleray
  • Cheese!

    cool site!

  • Blakkblood2007

    when exactly is this new site launching? cuz its been saying the same message evrerytime i log into streakfreaks for the last month or so

  • Beastly Swagger

    Another FAIL like most of thier tips haha !

  • streakiller

    they must be working real hard on this new site

  • kanto501

    wow! for something that was supposed to take a weekend this is not happening fast. Will they take as long as ;)

  • ME

    im actually doin better on the streak for cash with the site down LOL

  • bigdaddyblood

    same here lol

  • GmANO27


  • streakpicker
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