Meet the Freaks

The StreakFreaks are a group of guys who play ESPN’s Streak for the Cash and are so competitive they take it to a whole new level.  The one thing we have in common is that we are all huge sports fans and love to try and predict what will happen in games.  Streak for the Cash is our chance to prove to each other who is the best StreakFreak of them all.

Meet the Freaks:

Stig- Stig is the technology guru of StreakFreaks and runs the website.  In his real life he stays pretty busy helping companies run websites.  In his Streak life, he wishes he had more time to do research and study his picks.  His best sports are basketball, football, and baseball.

Tonto- Tonto is the sports master of the group, and the ultimate StreakFreak.  He spends hours every day researching his picks and smack talking in the ESPN comments.  He will be responsible for finding most of the information for every pick. His best sports are football, baseball, and curling.

T-rex- T-rex is the kid everyone loves to pick on yet seems to always hold his own.  He is in college trying to be a sports broadcaster, and thinks he knows more about sports than everyone else.  A hard partier, expect most of his picks to be held in the late evening.

T-bone- T-bone is from Michigan and was our first interstate StreakFreak. He currently goes to Michigan State and his girlfriend is jealous of the time he spends researching and writing stories for StreakFreaks.

Schneps- Schneps is another StreakFreak that has joined the team from afar. He hails from New York and is passionate about his Giants, Mets, and Knicks teams. This might explain why he loves cheering on the underdog.

Ditka- Ditka is the guy who keeps us in line. When he’s not making cheesy Superbowl Shuffle commercials, he is keeping the records and stats on how we perform. Unfortunately, he doesn’t accept cash bribes or else his asking price is too high. Regardless, he is every StreakFreak’s best friend since he’s the one grading us.

Nola- Nola has two words for you: Who Dat?!  Though he is currently stuck in boring Ar-Kansas, he is proud to be from New Orleans (hence NO, LA).  He looks at Streak for the Cash and being a StreakFreak as an escape from his life as a broker.  Who cares if the market just dropped below 10,000 when you just hit a W10 streak!?

  • Brooksiee

    pretty sweet site, will be using it tonight as i make all my brackets! I will do one bracket without using your info, one with your info. We will see what happens.

  • JK

    do you guys keep track of your pick statistics? can you post it? great website!

  • Check out our performance at

  • Just joined the group on SFTC page.

  • rob42073

    I just joined the streakfreaks group on SFTC, should really be fun to follow everyones picks

  • lacrossekidOH

    Keep up the GREAT work!!

  • Who Dat

    Thumbs Up

  • Alex

    This website is awesome guys! I've been googling a website for this for some time now. Please keep it running, don't give up on it. Thanks again guys

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