Here are some great stats compiled by our StreakFreak, Ditka:

  • You guys have a .500 record, and nobody critcizes you, but my site, I have about a .500 record, and I get wrecked by every single person that comes to my site (almost). Why don't you?

  • Oh trust me, we get ripped apart also. The star system is killing us (every time we put confidence in a pick we get blasted when we lose)

    Truth is, sports is a crazy thing, and everyone is always going to be right at 50%.

    We have tried to distance ourselves from providing picks to simply just providing information. The picks are secondary as we want people to use our information to make their own picks.

  • backer

    LOL 3-9 in 5 stars

  • Stan

    3-9 in 5 star picks?? I thought they were supposed to be locks

  • April has been a MUCH better month for the confidence intervals.


    Awesome, so you guys are basically just above 50%..... I love what you all do, and thx for posting. PUT A PAYPAL DONATE BUTTON ON HERE. You will get $$, I would donate!

    Also, stats should reflect star picks... Obviously 1 star picks are 50/50, but how good were you guys on 3-5 star picks?

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